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Cain & Company 50th Anniversary

Cain & Company celebrated 50 years in business in 2023. As a full-service advertising and marketing agency for five decades, we have helped hundreds of businesses and organizations craft their messaging, build their brands, and produce industry-leading written and graphic communications in the Rockford region and beyond.

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Our relationship with our clients sets Cain & Company apart. Our clients become our partners. We take the time to understand your needs and your business. Your goals become our goals.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with clients locally, nationally and globally. From industrial and healthcare organization marketing managers to owners of credit unions and retail businesses, we still work with many of the same people today.

As a full-service advertising and marketing agency in Rockford, Illinois, with an edge in industrial and manufacturing marketing, we produce content, design, and brand strategies that get the results you need. Whether it’s a single ad, flyer, email, new web design, or a complete marketing strategy, we’re here to help.


Rising Returns with the Right Elevator Pitch

A sizable settlement shows a tiny comma can prevent an enormous misunderstanding.

The Oxford (or serial) comma is one that’s placed after the penultimate word in a list of three or more. If using it when describing a dinner with celebrities, we’d write "I dined with my parents, Taylor Swift, and Snoop Dogg."

Without it we get "I dined with my parents, Taylor Swift and Snoop Dogg," an amusing mental picture!

A $5 million settlement payout to delivery drivers did not amuse Oakhurst Dairy, a New England farm co-op. The lawsuit focused on an exemption in state overtime law for “packing for shipment or distribution.” Was this a single activity, packing products for someone to move? Or were packing and distribution exempted? If distribution was exempt, the dairy-distributing drivers were owed nothing; if not, they were owed millions. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear what legislators meant, so the parties landed in court, a costly, time-consuming, and aggravating result.

Make sure you use every weapon in your arsenal to make writing clear, even the humble comma!

If you want your branding, marketing copy, and messaging to be clear and powerful, trust the writers, artists, and strategists at Cain & Company.


As a Rockford, Illinois-based marketing and advertising agency, we communicate with our clients regularly to ensure results are delivered efficiently. We’re passionate about your business. Our team of experts works with you to design, develop, and implement the best marketing or branding strategy, brochure, website, graphic design, or writing project.

Our goal is always to meet your objectives.


Where do we really shine? A deep understanding of the unique attributes of many businesses and the global marketplace. The industries where the majority of our experience lies include industrial, manufacturing, construction, retail, hospitals and healthcare organizations, banking, racing (NASCAR and Indy car), promotional product companies, schools, not-for-profits, city and county agencies, and the food industry. From the parts in the machines that turn a farmer’s soil to food service, processing equipment, restaurants, and ingredient companies, we have the expertise and creative passion to get the results you want.


Scanlans Bar & Grill website redesign
The Scanlan’s wanted their Rockford, Illniois, bar and grill, Scanlan’s, to have its own website. Not only a great place for evening entertainment, but also a perfect lunch spot for the businesses nearby, Scanlan’s, located at 2921 City View Drive in Rockford, opened in 1999 and is a sister bar of Rockford’s Filling Station. They contacted Cain & Company to help with this marketing project. Our team worked with the owners to create a new logo, take photos, and build their website. (Of course, we sampled their amazing menu items!) Our designers expertly captured the neighborhood vibe of this fantastic spot for food, beverages, and entertainment.


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Valley SLeep Center case study


We’re one of the largest and longest-standing agencies in the area for a reason. We’re passionate about what we do. Through the years, many agencies have come and gone. Cain & Company has changed with the times, while keeping our focus oncustomer relationships, prompt service, competitive pricing, and attention to detail. When you work with us, we take the time to understand your company and your goals to find custom marketing solutions that are a perfect fit for your business. To us, you aren’t just another client; you’re part of our team. We’ll give your brand the attention it deserves and work with you to achieve your vision.

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Getting a Video to Go Viral

Business coach and copywriter Ed Gandia welcomed another coach, Sarah Greesonbach, to his podcast, and she provided an excellent example of ChatGPT’s limitations.

Greesonbach asked Gandia to prove he wasn’t a robot and asked, “If anger was a rainbow, what color would it be?”

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