Knowing Your Healthcare Demographic

Knowing Your Healthcare Demographic

Demographic research is the backbone of any successful marketing effort. After all, you can’t expect to market effectively to an industry whose needs and pain points you don’t fully understand. Your product or service isn’t about you; it’s a solution to someone else’s problems. Cain & Company helps you unearth better insights and actionable market intelligence, because knowing your healthcare demographic means getting noticed for all the right reasons.

Meet Your Clients Halfway

Being on the cutting edge of healthcare tech is a mixed blessing. On one hand, you may have a solution that no one else has thought of or a significant improvement on the way things have always been done; on the other, you can encounter significant resistance from professionals who are reluctant to be taken out of their comfort zone. Understanding a client’s level of sophistication and openness to new ideas is key in crafting your message and can help you tailor that message to reach prospects based on their level of technical savvy.

Understand Their Revenue Model

A nonprofit hospital has a different revenue model than a walk-in clinic, which, in turn, is different than a private practice offering boutique care. While any practice will be very much focused on the bottom line, the calculus behind that can be vastly different based on the type of practice and its revenue sources. Understanding the accompanying priorities and concerns will further help you position your offering.

Know the Organization

No healthcare practice operates in a vacuum. Understanding the tangled web of laws, regulations, compliance requirements, and information security concerns that each practice contends with has a number of follow-on effects. On one hand, you’re ensuring your offering falls on the right side of the rules; on the other, you’re gaining knowledge — and with it, a sense of empathy — that can sharpen your message and the ways in which you communicate it.

Know the Environment

Marketing and sales may be different departments in your business, but neither should be leaving the other in the dark. Each department should know what the other is doing, and should be coordinating efforts for maximum effect; 89% of companies that do this report a measurable increase in sales opportunities. A good CRM with robust support goes a long way in this respect.

Know the Pain Points

While each of the subjects above are important, your research and experience are likely to uncover other healthcare industry pain points for your prospects. Understand them and put them to work. What we said earlier bears repeating: as far as your clients are concerned, your products and services are only tangentially about you. Put them first in your marketing — up to and including using your content marketing to help them solve problems that your product might only address obliquely — and you’re demonstrating a level of attention to their needs that helps build relationships.

Regardless of the field in which a business operates, they place value in being seen, and feeling as though they’re understood. Effective healthcare marketing depends on knowing your audience so you can communicate in such a way that they know they, and their difficulties, are seen and understood. For help building those relationships, delve into the range of healthcare industry marketing solutions offered by Cain & Company.


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