Is Print Advertising Still Relevant?

Is Print Advertising Still Relevant?

Most of us can't remember the last time we opened the Yellow Pages or the print edition of our local paper. With so much of our information consumption moving online, it's understandable to wonder whether print advertising still has a place in marketing for manufacturing companies, since the debate is still ongoing. At Cain & Company, we know that print still has its place.

I Thought Print Was Dead!

You wouldn't be the only one. But that's a common misconception. Sure, some channels are on their last leg, and some aren't doing as well as they once did. And it's also true that print spending is in decline relative to digital, making up about ten percent of overall ad spending. But it still comes with significant advantages for manufacturers and marketers thanks to publications that are often more segmented than what you'll find online, entrenched reader loyalty, and the relative ease of devising and deploying your own print media and collateral. But the benefits don't end there.

Benefits of Print Advertising

So, what else is in this for you and your customers alike?

Grab Attention

When we're in front of a screen, we're often in a state of constant distraction. It's not uncommon to have multiple tabs open at once or to browse the news on our phone while a dinner conversation burbles in the background. This is one reason that print holds an advantage over digital; it's a slower medium that encourages closer attention rather than pulling the reader's attention in multiple directions simultaneously.

Hone Your Message

Another advantage for print? Space is finite. Print advertising's limited space and comparatively higher cost forces you to carefully consider each element, and often results in a sharper, more concise presentation than you might use online, where space is cheap.

Make an Impression

The difference between a print ad or a branded magazine and a digital advertisement is somewhat like the difference between a vinyl record and an MP3. The physicality of the media draws the user in, creating a literal touchpoint for your brand. It's a broader canvas that invites a brighter and bolder picture that can leave an indelible impression on your target audience.

Complement Existing Efforts

No single element of marketing is a cure-all. Rather than thinking of it as "either/or,” realize that it's usually "both/and” or "this, and this, and…” Print works equally well whether it's the centerpiece of your marketing or an adjunct to your other efforts.

Repurpose Your Print Collateral

One of the best tools in the marketer's kit is creating a sense of urgency. If you're putting actionable intelligence in your print collateral—speaking to the industry at large and to your customers' needs in addition to plugging your own offerings—that can be a compelling reason for people to eagerly await what's going to be in your print campaign. You can use a print piece as a lead magnet, either to draw customers in or to reward them for their loyalty. The research and time that goes into developing print results in collateral can often be repurposed across multiple channels as well.

There are, of course, many other possibilities and benefits in print. It's very much alive and well and still highly effective. Get in touch with Cain & Company and see how an experienced marketing agency in Rockford, IL, can make print work for your business.

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