How to Use Automation to Enhance the B2B Customer Experience

How to Use Automation to Enhance the B2B Customer Experience

Automation has revolutionized and upended manufacturing, allowing advances in processes, workflow, and efficiency. In times when we're forced to do more with less, being able to rely on the untiring precision of machines allows businesses to reap significant benefits. So, when it comes to your marketing, why not take advantage of similar principles to help grow your business? Cain & Company can guide you through B2B marketing and robust digital marketing automation that benefits your business and customers alike.

What is Marketing Automation?

How does marketing automation work? Marketing automation for manufacturers is not much different than the other automated processes your business already uses. Processes that might have otherwise been executed completely "by hand," from the generation of an email to the time it's sent, or the contours of your sales funnel, can merely have their "parts" fed in, assembled, and sent down the line automatically. And in much the same way a well-designed automated assembly line results in a product that's indistinguishable from one put together the old-fashioned way, a high degree of customization ensures your customers will never know the difference.

What does this look like in practice? Let's say you're bringing a new product to the market. For the launch to be successful, you need to custom target your outreach to several different audiences. Some will have little or no familiarity with the segment or your brand; some will know you by reputation but won't be customers yet; others are well acquainted and may be loyal customers or may have moved on to your competition.

Sending the same message to each of them will confuse some, alienate others, and in many cases, simply be ignored. Since that's not exactly a great way to warm up your leads, much less to move people through the buying process, it helps to leverage data that helps ensure the right message reaches the right people, right on time.

Marketing Automation Services

As with any other process—manufacturing and B2B marketing alike—getting a marketing strategy right takes a number of steps.

  • Market research so that you're leveraging customer data effectively
  • Content creation tailored to convert
  • Landing pages customized to different segments so everyone has the information they need
  • Aligning your automated marketing with your social media marketing and public relations efforts, introducing new opportunities for engagement

How Manufacturing Businesses Benefit from Marketing Automation

When the design is solid and the execution effective, how do you benefit? As with manufacturing, automation saves time. That's especially important for smaller businesses where a single individual must wear multiple hats, but it helps even for businesses with a robust marketing budget and personnel. After all, it's helping you get the most out of every hour.

But there's another consideration as well. Your customers benefit from effective automation, and when they benefit, they tend to return the favor. The personalization available via marketing automation helps to optimize conversions since you're tailoring your strategy and communications to individual needs. That helps turn casual inquiries into interest and interested individuals into buyers.

Digital Marketing Essentials from Cain & Company

Our processes, like yours, have a lot of moving parts. To an outsider, it can all seem mystifying. That's why countless businesses in the Rockford area rely on Cain & Company for marketing, social, and public relations services—we concentrate on what we do best so that you can stick to what you do best. To improve your business's marketing—digital or otherwise—call us today!

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