What Makes Manufacturing Websites Successful?

What Makes Manufacturing Websites Successful?

Nearly five decades spent providing B2B manufacturing marketing in Rockford have taught us a thing or two about what works. And as digital marketing for manufacturers has come to the fore, a growing number of companies have turned to Cain & Company for web design and development services in Rockford. What makes our B2B marketing web design services different so they—along with your business—succeed?

The Benefits of an Effective Website

What can a successful website do for your business?

  • Your website is an integral part of your business’s public face and is key to helping to differentiate you from your competitors
  • It can give you a knowledge base on which information about current and legacy products can be kept current, giving your clients 24/7 access to information that helps them and frees up your customer service team for retention efforts
  • Organizations of any size can use their websites to find and cultivate prospective customers who convert at a higher rate
  • Effective communication isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s the backbone of your public relations strategy, helping you build a positive reputation and get ahead of potentially negative press
  • A consistent, positive message that establishes a strong brand mirrors your company culture helps you attract and retain top talent

The Fundamentals of a Successful Manufacturing Website

Now that you have some idea of the benefits, how do you go about getting them? A website that looks clean, simple, and attractive is the easy part; the challenge comes in the things that aren’t as readily apparent, but which make a bigger difference in whether or not your website serves your ends.

Strong UI Equals Effective UX

The UI, or user interface, is more than aesthetics. It’s ensuring that everything—navigation, calls to action, contact forms, and even page load times—is exactly where it needs to be and works as it should. That, in turn, makes for a solid UX, or user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is complex and ever evolving. It encompasses both organic and paid search, keywords, image tagging, load times, mobile responsiveness, and even your site’s bounce rate (how much time someone spends on a page or site before leaving). When a site gets the fundamentals right, everyone benefits; your customers get what they want, Google rewards what it sees as a relevant site, and you get to reap the benefits of high visibility.

Compelling Copy

Your brand should have a strong sense of self, and your content marketing should reflect the values that make your business unique. A strong brand, one that stands for something and makes that something crystal clear, is one that resonates with customers.

Unified Marketing

Your website is, of course, only one facet of a multi-pronged approach to marketing. But in a very real sense, it’s a hub that connects the many spokes of your strategy. Everything else you do—video, billboards, trade shows, social media marketing, and the like—needs something to act as an anchor, and a well-designed website is capable of doing just that.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Businesses in the Rockford Area

Not every company has an experienced marketing department in house. And even those that do won’t always have people who follow the most up-to-date best practices for the metrics that matter. Get in touch with Cain & Company for thoughtful, strategic marketing that matters.

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