Why Design Matters for B2B Companies

Why Design Matters for B2B Companies

Why does design matter for B2B companies? If we mentioned phrases like golden arches, dynamic ribbon, swoosh, or bullseye, odds are high that the first images that came to mind would be brand logos. That’s not accidental; years’ worth of research and ideation go into many corporate identities with logos being only one factor among many. The impact of visuals on B2B buyers cannot be overstated, and if you need help locking down your B2B brand identity, both online and out in the real world, Cain & Company offers a full range of design services from our home base in Rockford, Illinois.

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The Importance of Design in B2B Marketing

Our brains process visuals faster than text. Compared to text, which takes time to interpret and digest, still images and videos have a much more immediate impact, priming your customer for engagement. Goldfish are notorious for their short attention spans—nine seconds, on average—but they seem like masters of concentration next to humans, whose attention spans now average about eight seconds and grow shorter with every passing year. Proper design principles ensure that the many elements of your brand identity work together as a unified whole.

The Benefits of Good Visual Marketing

What rewards might you expect to reap through effective design?

  • Because visuals process faster and are retained better, your brand will literally be more memorable.
  • Your logo and web design, if executed correctly, can be a seamless part of the overall customer experience, helping to close the loop of the customer journey.
  • Strong visuals encourage sharing, assisting your organic reach on social media.
  • Consistency in branding and visual marketing helps to build trust and authority.
  • Images are a ranking metric for search engine optimization (SEO), as is your bounce rate. Good visuals that keep someone on your page longer help boost your SEO.

Where Design Is Used in B2B Campaigns

What does all this look like in real-world use? The fact is that when it’s done properly, design touches every aspect of your B2B marketing.

Logo Creation

While your logo may not be as iconic as the ones mentioned earlier, it’s no less important. Besides giving prospective and current customers an idea of your brand identity at a glance, attractive logo design also sets the tone with your brand’s colorways and serves as a brief but memorable introduction.

B2B Website Design

Few would imagine doing business without a website in this day and age. Even—perhaps especially—if your manufacturing business has a tiny and highly specialized niche, careful B2B website design wedded to well-curated B2B content to establish and maintain credibility, inform your audience, and reinforce a positive customer experience.

Landing Pages

Although they’re part of your website, landing pages are usually tied to your pay-per-click, social media presence, and email marketing; as such, they put a heavier emphasis on conversion than the rest of your web presence. Visuals may play an even larger role here.

Social Media Marketing

Like your web presence, having some form of social media marketing is taken for granted. If you’re targeting industry, you may not be the highlight of someone’s Pinterest board, but it’s still worth your while to identify and target appropriate social media channels, like LinkedIn and YouTube, on which to spread the word about your latest efforts. Consistency in design helps to ensure your brand and message alike stick long after the browser tab is closed.

Trade Show Design

Visuals serve many of the same purposes at a trade show that they do on social media. Besides the quick hit from a strong photo or video, trade show design ensures that your presence is one that people will remember and talk about long after the last bits of debris have been cleared off the convention center floor. More importantly, when it’s time for a buying decision, the retention of visuals helps you stay top of mind.

Comprehensive B2B Marketing Solutions

As important as visual design is, it’s just one of many elements in a comprehensive and long-term B2B marketing strategy. To design a campaign with cohesion and purpose, get in touch with Cain & Company today.

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