Trade Show Booth Details for Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

Trade Show Booth Details for Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

Many industrial companies are still weighing a return to in-person attendance at various expos and trade shows. Since it’s been a while for so many and you may be feeling a bit rusty , we’ve assembled some trade show tips on marketing materials, B2B mobile app development, and other industrial marketing essentials so your next trade show booth design can knock it out of the park (or the convention center).

Develop a “Best-in-Show” Presence.

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Elements of a Trade Show Booth

Let’s recap what goes into assembling and maintaining an effective trade show booth design and presence.

Set Your Trade Show Goals

This should be the first step in any marketing effort. Are you a new company introducing yourself to the public? An established brand with a new product to launch? A manufacturing business incorporating a new value-added service? Each of these goals, usually encompassing multiple objectives, should be considered before moving down the rest of the list.

Choose Your Show Carefully

Not all trade shows will be aligned with your goals and needs. Consider each show’s purpose and its key demographics as you explore options and set your budget.

Revisit Your Branding

The COVID pandemic has found many businesses pivoting not only how they do business, but how they communicate their deepest-held values. Your trade show presence should reflect where you are right now and where you’re headed next.

Design Carefully

Designing a trade show booth, similar to business branding or a public relations strategy is equal parts art and science. You need to tell a story, and every element will either reinforce it or detract from it, so get the fundamentals right:

  • Close attention to the layout, putting the most important “chapter” of your story front and center
  • Careful use of light and sound
  • Ample storage
  • Opportunities for interaction with exhibitors and products alike
  • Enough space to ensure traffic flow and appropriate distancing
  • Seating areas for presentations or just for rest (attendees can grow weary as the day goes on)
  • Training for staff to ensure they’re 100% ready to effectively represent you and advance the goals you’ve set
  • A careful eye on how each of these elements relates to and communicates your brand


What if you had a trade show and nobody came? Make sure that you promote heavily via social media marketing, email campaigns, and the other tools in your kit to make sure your booth isn’t sparsely attended.

Consider Your Collateral

What your attendees leave with should be more than a vague sense of excitement; they should have something that’s a tangible reminder of their visit to your booth. We don’t mean disposables like pens or swag bags; instead, consider something that will have use beyond the day of the show, like a branded thumb drive with your catalog conveniently preloaded . Like the rest of your marketing, your trade show presence should be geared toward conversions. Bonus tip: don’t forget the PR value of trade shows; ensure you have a press kit or EPK to shore up your media and public relations strategies.


While trade shows are coming back, industry forecasts suggest that in-person trade show attendance will be sharply down for the foreseeable future. Consider building an online presence that extends your reach geographically and demographically to enhance your physical presence.

Follow Through

This is perhaps the most important—and sadly, the most often overlooked—component of trade show planning. What happens after the attendees have gone home should be given the same close attention as your planning before the event. If you’ve collected email addresses or other kinds of attendee data, make sure this is entered into your CMS as soon as possible, and that your sales team is ready to capitalize on the interest you’ve built. We also suggest tracking your ROI over the long term, the better to adjust your technique over the years ahead.

Trade Show Planning for Maximum Impact

Those stepping into the event space in 2022 are emerging into a much different marketing landscape than the one we faced when trade shows were last in full swing. That requires patience, foresight, and adaptability. For manufacturing and industrial companies navigating the new “normal,” Cain & Company is a trustworthy guide and partner. Reach out today for a full range of industrial marketing services.

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