Blogging for Manufacturers

Blogging for Manufacturers

We’ve read premature obituaries for many manufacturing marketing methods in recent years from direct mail to email and even the humble billboard. B2B blogging is another “dead” marketing idea that still has plenty of life left in it and several benefits for your business if it’s implemented properly as part of your broader content marketing strategy. Here at Cain & Company, we take the time to understand your business and offerings and produce quality blogs yielding better brand awareness, increased customer loyalty, and new leads.

Build a Better Blog for Better B2B Marketing

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

At its inception, blogging was practically a license to print money; many authors or journalists got their start by hanging their shingle in some new corner of the internet. It may not have its former glamour, but blogging has retained its importance, especially in the context of marketing for manufacturers.

Blogging Builds Authority

Trust plays a part in any customer interaction, but it’s an especially important driver of B2B purchasing decisions. A blog is an excellent opportunity for your business to be an authoritative voice on the industry trends, issues, and solutions that matter to your customers, which in turn builds valuable trust and public relations clout.

Blogging Educates

Not everything about your products and services will be self-explanatory. Sometimes a bit of education helps your customers better understand your products and use them to their full potential. The same blog posts that are educating your customers can also be the backbone of a knowledge base that addresses many common customer questions, giving your support staff more time to focus on urgent issues.

Google (Still) Loves a Good Blog

It’s hardly a secret that Google rewards quality content. If you have something new to bring to the conversation, your customers won’t be the only ones who appreciate it. Google is likely to reward you with better discoverability and visibility.

Blogging Seeds Other Content Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, blogging is just one part of what should be a multifaceted content marketing strategy. Creating content can be time consuming. Repurposing content, on the other hand, lets you—and it—work smarter. The longer-form nature of a blog post lends itself to all kinds of excerpting and extracting; one blog post can spawn all manner of social media marketing collateral, from video scripts to Facebook or LinkedIn posts, Tweets, and Instagram captions, saving you considerable time and effort.

Blog Topic Ideas

If you’ve read this far, your next question is probably, “Where do I find ideas for my blog?” We have an answer: don’t. We aren’t suggesting that thinking through what you’d write is wasted time; rather, it’s a reminder that ideas are fickle, and you have better things to do than to wait for inspiration to strike. It’s more effective to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and address the kinds of questions they’re likely to ask about your products and services.

  • What’s the latest news in your company, and what does it have to do with my business?
  • What trends are likely to impact my industry in the coming year?
  • What is your company developing, and how will it help my business?
  • I have a problem with ______. How can I solve it?
  • My customers need ____. How can I help them better?
  • Is it time to replace or upgrade a product that I bought from you?
  • How do I maintain ____?
  • How long does ____ last?
  • How does ____ work?
  • How does ____ compare to ____?
  • Vital tips/hacks for new ____ owners
  • How should I prepare for a technician’s visit?
  • How can I save money on ____?
  • Plus brand comparisons, buyers’ guides, service tips, and much more; as long as your customers don’t run out of questions, you’re highly unlikely to run out of things to write about.

Each of the blanks shown above has any number of possibilities for your blog. Furthermore, the more open-ended the question is, the more useful it will be in generating initial topic ideas; following that first step, you can narrow it down further still.

Get Content Marketing Help from the Pros!

In addition to determining the nature of your audience, the frequency with which you’ll post, and the specifics of your editorial calendar, you’ll also need to figure out how your blog will support the rest of your marketing and how you’ll measure its success in doing so. Meeting these and other content marketing challenges begins with a phone call to Cain & Company. If you need help with engaging social media posts, blogs and accompanying image ideas, content and visual production, or assistance measuring progress with the latest tools, we are here to help. With over 200 years of combined experience in marketing and advertising, our team can help you take advantage of all blogs have to offer.

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