Developing a Mobile App For Your Business - Why You Should and What You Need to Know

Developing a Mobile App For Your Business - Why You Should and What You Need to Know

If you’re like the typical American, you have around 80 apps on your phone and have used at least nine of them today. There’s also no doubt that your target market uses their phones frequently for important purchases and interactions.

Can you take advantage of this reality with an app for your business? Again, there’s no doubt, so long as you can offer your market the right kind of app.

Five Reasons to Develop an App

It puts your brand on their phone

The average user spends 4.8 hours per day interacting with their phone, and an app puts you in that space. In addition, users who would never accept desktop notifications from your website have no issue receiving them from a mobile app.

Gain customers who prefer apps over web

Younger users are more likely to prefer using an app over a web browser for business transactions. Having an app makes them more likely to join your customer base and remain loyal.

Offer customers new services or easier use

Apps can perform many functions that are impossible or cumbersome for the user on a website. Here are just five examples:

  • Offline use
  • Use of a phone’s native features, such as the camera, pinching to zoom in or out, etc.
  • Personalized push notifications and in-app purchases that benefit them
  • Location-based notifications and deals
  • Easily linking mobile pay services to their orders

Apps increase engagement

Mobile users spend approximately 86% of their time in apps vs. 14% on browsers. Plus, a properly designed app can allow the user to seamlessly share content to other apps (such as social media), increasing their interaction and promoting you.

Higher customer satisfaction

In addition to offering options your website can’t, an app can often deliver services with one or two clicks, saving customers’ valuable time.

Know Before You Go

Developing an app is a significant project, with a long list of items to consider. These considerations fall into three broad categories to begin thinking about.

How will your app affect your positioning?

Do your competitors have apps? If not, can you vault ahead of them with an app of your own? If so, will it echo the same features as theirs, or do you have an idea for something they don’t offer?

How good are their apps? Don’t just examine their rating in the app stores. Look at what kind of user experience they have and consider how you can do better.

Is there an opportunity to engage more with the customer, building a better connection between them and your brand?

Does building an app solve a problem for you? If you can’t point to a problem it solves or an opportunity it takes advantage of, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

How will it better serve your customers?

Speaking of problems to solve, what problem will this app solve for your customer base? Will it make ordering, getting information, etc., easier? Will location-based marketing and/or customized notifications save them money? Is there a multi-stage process that it could distill down to one click?

How will you create your app, test it, test it some more, and deploy it?

Do you have an in-house development team, and will they have the time and resources to create the app? Will you develop the app for both Android and iOS or use the iOS-first strategy favored by many successful app developers?

There’s no substitute for extensive testing and retesting to make sure your app is something users will enjoy, use, and keep. Will you use in-house testing know-how or bring in a testing contractor?

An app can be an amazing opportunity to build your business. You’ll need to examine the cost-benefit equation for your organization, but don’t turn down a chance to live on your customers’ phones!

Ready for Better App Development? Call Cain & Company.

From initial research through design, coding, and testing, Cain & Company can help you create a true killer app for mobile. If you’d like to see what you can do with one, get in touch with us today.

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